The Cape Animal Medical Centre provides round-the-clock veterinary care when your pet needs it most, to all of Cape Town and beyond.  The CAMC provides complete veterinary services at all hours, with passion, pride and commitment.  The All Hours Clinic (After Hours Veterinary Clinic and Day Clinic) is staffed by a veterinarian and veterinary nursing assistant 24 hours a day to attend to any veterinary medical situation, be it routine vaccination or a dire emergency, at any time, to the greater Cape Town.  The Centre is also home to qualified veterinary specialists and veterinarians with special interests to optimise the treatment of your pet.  We understand that your pets are precious members of the family and should be treated as such. 

We now also have premium pet food (Hill's, Eukanuba, Vet’s Choice and Royal Canin) as well as flea treatments and dewormers available on sale 24 hours a day.

Our comfortable seminar room can seat about 50 people and is fully equipped with a large screen and digital projection system as well as a sound system.  The rooom is available for hire.  Catering can be arranged. Contact our practice manager.

The Cape Animal Medical Centre not only provides an encompassing general veterinary service at all hours, but provides 24 hour emergency veterinary care when your regular veterinarian may not be available, striving to be an extension of the services your regular veterinarian provides.  The Cape Animal Medical Centre also provides specialist support should you or your regular veterinarian request referral.



To avoid stress and ensure comfort of our patients and their owners, our building is airconditioned and odour controlled, the examination tables are soft-topped and all kennels have underfloor heating.  Patients are cared for by veterinary nurses and sleep on blankets and/or cushions, never newspaper.

The Centre is now also equiped with a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory to perform accurate blood counts and a large variety of organ function tests and even hormone tests.  Blood cell counts can be available within two minutes after being loaded and a full panel of serum chemistry blood tests within ten minutes.  Rapid and accurate results greatly enhance the diagnmosis and treatment of patients.


Our Services include:

Complete companion animal care

Specialist and Referral Services

Internal Medicine/Specialist Physician

Dentistry and Orofacial Surgery

Acupuncture and Homoeopathy



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