icon_toothDr Cedric Tutt is an internationally qualified and recognised veterinary dentist and oromaxillary surgeon and offers advanced dentistry as well as oral surgical options for your pet. No longer is extraction the only option when a tooth is injured, root canal treatments and dental repair now offers cosmetic and functional alternatives. Dr Tutt also specialises in repair of oral trauma and congenital abnormalities.

Veterinary dentistry has evolved over the past 2 decades into a separately recognised field in veterinary science. Most cases presented to the clinic suffer from periodontal disease.  This is an inflammation or infection of the structures that support the tooth (bone, gum, periodontal ligament). Plaque is the initiating cause of this process, and contains salivary and food products combined with bacteria.

This bacteria can have very nasty effects on the supporting structures of the tooth. Prevention is usually by a thorough scale and polish, as well as routine homecare (toothbrushing).

Apart from dealing with these conditions many other sections of dentistry and oral surgery are covered in the clinic. These are orthodontics (movement of teeth to a balanced position), endodontics (treatment of the inside of the tooth, root canal), prosthodontics (placement of crowns and fillings) and oral surgery (tumour removal, jaw fractures, salivary gland surgery, nasal surgery etc.).

Since January 1998, the clinic has dealt with many exotic cases apart from cats and dogs (like elephants, various cats, lion, tiger, cheetah etc., Bontebok, Wild Dog, Nilgai deer, Babirusso etc).

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